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I'm Joe Lang, a virtual and augmented reality developer bringing innovative Mixed Reality technologies into diverse fields.


I am passionate about using these tools in industries that need them the most. Some examples of my work include developing 3-dimensional tools for Stanford Clinical Anatomy, developing several games that help reduce stress during pre-surgery anesthesia used at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, and engineering a Smart City public engagement tool for the City of Edmonton.


NeuroExploreVR, winner of the 2018 Oculus Launchpad, is available on The Oculus Store


I deliver projects on time and on budget and have been part of every phase of the development pipeline, from concept to completion. With my consulting company, Gamehearts, I have managed teams, designed value propositions, and mapped out timelines, budgets, and scopes for early and midway through projects.

I am heavily involved in the Bay Area AR/VR/XR communities. My involvement includes organizing dozens of events with  SFVR 360, XR Edu, and VR Odyssey,  as well as community engagement and volunteer management for the Game Developers Conference's VR Mixer, 2016, 2017, and 2018. It's important for me to be actively involved in the Mixed Reality community because when we work together and collaborate, these tools can expand beyond entertainment.


Take a look at some of my clients, work, and awards. If you would like to get in contact with me, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me here.

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Home: Client
Home : Awards


  • Google Tango App Challenge: Most Useful Application - Dino Labs

  • ZSpace App Challenge: Winner - Escape!

  • High Fidelity Hackathon: 2nd Place - Attack On Titan VR Showdown

  • Microsoft Holohacks: 2nd Place - Connect 4

  • DeVry Tech Demo Day - TrackKart

    • Project Planning and Team Dynamics

    • Technical Merit

    • Best Presentation

    • Judges Choice



Home : Healthcare

Sevo The Dragon

Sevo The Dragon is the first in a series of games with Stanford Chariot Program, reducing stress and anxiety for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford's Anesthesia Department's patients.

Using breath to help a dragon cook its dinner, children are encouraged to work with the anesthesia, creating a pleasant, engaging experience.


My Role was the developer. Working with the doctors to design the game, I programmed, sourced art and music, mapped out timelines and scopes to deliver the game on time and on budget.

Sevo the Dragon was shown within the Bay Area during the Superbowl as part of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital's new hospital advertisement., shown in the link below!

space Party.png

Space Party

The successor to Sevo The Dragon, Space Party decreases stress for children going through anesthesia by gamifying the experience. These games are played from a projector mounted on the child's hospital bed and travels with them as they move into the OR.


This was built with Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Chariot Program, designed by Sam Rodrigues And Dan Caruso. 

Home : Sevo The Dragon
Home: Education


Inside Rodin's Hands

As part of the Cantor museum's exhibit exploring the intersection of art, anatomy, and teaching technologies, we created an augmented reality exhibit piece. Inside Rodin's Hands uses image-based tracking to overlay an 'x-ray view into the sculpture's work.


My role was the developer, working with the medical artist to implement visuals and augmented reality.


NeuroExplore VR

A 2018 Oculus Launchpad winning application!
This virtual reality experience is an educational tool for anyone to begin learning about the complex, but increasingly important field of neuroscience in this critical phase of humanities evolution as we begin developing brain-machine interfaces.


My role with NeuroExplore VR was a programmer within a larger team of artists, sound engineers, and production


Available on Oculus Store Soon.


Winner of Google Tango's Hackathon 'Most Useful Application' 


Dinolabs uses image-based augmented reality to take the power of a textbook and make it the size of a business card. With live links to our source material, students can easily explore the content more on their own.


My role was development, from concept to completion.


VR Lectures

I built several virtual reality guided tour lectures through the human body.


VR offers a great ability to visualize anatomy with a totally new perspective. This allowed us to shrink the student to the microscopic size and interact with the lecture.


My role was the designer and programmer.


This project later grew into a startup company, Pathos Health.

3D Anatomy Visualization Tool

3D anatomy viewers are not a rare sight on the marketplace. One frustration professors faced with these applications is that none of these fit comfortably in the classroom environment. So we built our own, specifically designed around the professor's needs.

The app was highly customizable, allowing professors to have a new app specifically focused on that day's lecture.


My role was the programmer. This project eventually grew into a startup company, Pathos Health.

Home : Anatomy Viewer
Home : NeuroExploreVR
Home : Community Engagement

Community Engagement


#BurningLove project is an immersive participatory installation designed to help people feel, participate in, and co-create the ritual of love through deep sensory experiences involving storytelling in virtual reality (VR), activity participation, and co-design. The aim is to teach that love, is an active state, can be learned, practiced and shared through vulnerability, deep listening, and communication.

Home : Futures

VR Odyssey


VR Odyssey empowers youth in the East Bay and immerses them in tech startup routines of thinking efficiently by using technology as an asset- demystifying what it takes to build the products they use and games they play every day.


My role was as a mentor. I assisted the youth in understanding game development, virtual reality implementation, startup tip and tricks, and design.


SFVR 360

I helped run and organize events in San Francisco focused on VR/AR/MR and their practical uses in the world. We had local demos, world-class keynote speakers, and a lively community of VR enthusiasts.


Valeo Voyage XR

Bringing families and friends together on extended car trips, Voyage XR allows teleportation into real-time car rides.


Adapting technologies currently in development for  self-driving cars (cameras, motion sensors, 3D sound, etc.) Voyage XR allows drivers to communicate with loved ones with the power of virtual reality as easily as they would a Bluetooth call.


My role was development. I was brought in during the final stretch of the project to add features, rework UI mechanics, and fix bugs in the project, making it ready for CES 2019.

Smart City Futures

Working with the city of Edmonton, we created a community engagement VR tool. VR gave citizens a view of how the future can look with smart city initiatives. This was used in a larger community discussion weighing the pros and cons of these opportunities.


My role was the programmer. I worked with Ksenia Benifand on layering smart city artifacts over existing Edmonton landmarks.


Simtainer uses virtual reality to explore different repurposes of shipping containers, including housing, medical bays, and farming.

My role was development, restructuring the project using Unity 3D's new Timeline tools and add extra features and visuals.


IFTF Future 50 : Virtual Dance Hall

As part of IFTF's 50th anniversary, we created a project encompassing photogrammetry, animations, and holograms. Guests to the event are scanned using a Structure Scanner to create a 3D model of their body. That model is then animated to dance and placed in VR and A Looking Glass Holographic Display


My role was to run this project from beginning to end. This project involved scanning people, rigging their scans, adding the animations, and placing them on several displays to be enjoyed during the event in a timely manner.

Wallabe Sky

Working with Neumatic Digital, we created an augmented reality view of a customizable furniture for their client. This project was cross-platform, running on Hololens, ARKit, and WebGL.

My role was to develop the prototype application on ARKit and Hololens.

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